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Shipping, Storage and Personal Collection

Products ordered from our website can be stored, delivered or collected in person.

All sales are made in Estonia. That means that you have to buy shipping separately. Mail order businesses are subject to Article 34 of the EC-regulation 2006/112/EC and this law limits the international sales on VAT-free goods. This regulation is applicable only when we ship the items to our clients. This rule does not apply when the goods are being collected in person or when the buyer instructs a courier service to collect and ship the products on the customers behalf.


To make this process of shipping the easiest way for our clients, we suggest you to follow the steps below:


Shipping with EU Logistics




Shipping for bullion coins and bars:


  1. Place an order and proceed to the checkout page. Select "Shipping with EU Logistics"
  2. Enter your shipping information and confirm your order

  3. You will receive a separate order confirmation and invoice for shipping with EU Logistics.

  4. Make a payment for products separetly to Best Bullion and another payment directly to EU Logistics (You can choose to pay for shipping via bank transfer or Paypal.)

  5. The products will be available for EU Logistics to collect as soon as Best Bullion receives your payment.

  6. EU Logistics will collect your products as soon as EU Logistics has received your payment (in case Best Bullion order is paid. )

  7. EU Logistics will e-mail you tracking number for your parcel as soons as it will be issued.


Please check EU Logistics prices here:




Rest of the World

under 500g



500g - 1kg



1kg - 2kg



2kg - 5kg



5kg - 10kg



10kg - 40kg



40kg - 69kg



70kg - 99kg



100kg - 149kg



150kg and more



The EU countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.



Local Pickup 


All orders can be collected in person from Tallinn, Estonia. Just choose "local pickup" when ordering. You shall arrange pick-up time by letting us know by phone or e-mail. Please allow up to 4 business days before planning arrival. You need to have proof of identity with you to recieve your order.


Shipping with other courier


If you wish your order to be shipped with other courier, please select an option "Shipping with other courier" and let us know what courier you have instructed to pick-up your order. Please allow up to 4 business days between payment confirmation and collection day.





We offer our clients secure storage program. You can store your orders in our secure storage facility in Tallinn 6 month free of charge. Our storage is fully secured, audited and allocated. When you want your order to be shipped just speciefy the date and arrange the shipment.