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Why to buy silver bullion from us

Why to buy silver coins from us


Each member of the BEST BULLION team brings expertise, dedication and vision. Coming from diverse backgrounds, we converge on a single goal: a commitment to the long-term success of our clients and customers.

Our main office and inventory are located in EU - Tallinn, Estonia. That means if you are buying silver coins from any country in European Union you will not have to pay any additional fees or VAT. There are no hidden charges, the price you see on our website is total price you will need to pay for silver/gold products if you are buying from Europe. Other countries you should consult with your local government authorities.

We truly believe that silver is one of the very best investments at present. As we are working closely with mints and authorized wholesale dealers we can offer you the best silver price in Europe.

We want to make it obtainable to major people in Europe to protect themselves from financial meltdowns and insure their future.

Our trusted partner Capital Logistics company will deliver your order fast and easy. To learn more about shipping silver bullion coins please visit section Shipping. 


Why to buy silver?

Here are some reasons:

For many centuries, precious metals has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve wealth.

Many investors prefer to store their wealth in something that they can touch and hold. Remember: if you don't hold it you don't own it!

It makes sense to diversify your assets by buying physical bullion.

If you prefer your investments to be anonymous, consider buying gold and silver bullion. Unlike other investments, there are few government reporting requirements for those buying or selling gold / silver bullion.

This uniquely private way to preserve your wealth is easily stored, transported, bought, and sold.

This universally accepted asset can easily be bought or sold no matter where you are located. As an extremely liquid investment, silver bullion has a recognized value that is easy to calculate based on the current silver spot price, which is widely published. Its international liquidity makes silver investments a popular choice among those who are concerned about the ease of selling their assets when the time comes.


VAT free silver or how to buy silver without VAT

The problem in Europe that usually you need to pay VAT on silver bullion. Even so, a lot of people buying silver at present in Europe, because of all instability that is going on here now (political conflicts, huge government debts, inflation, QE etc).

We are glad to give our customers possibility to buy silver without VAT from Estonia. This way you can afford to buy the cheapest silver coins in European Union.

We believe that together we can create a better future to all of us. If you care about doing well in future you need to think about it now. Don't let banks, governments, pension fund management decide your future. Insure it by doing the right thing today. 


All our team members are truly believers in precious metals and we are suggesting you only items what we would buy for ourselves.

We are glad to give you this opportunity to buy silver coins at the lowest premiums in whole Europe. Besides that we focus on excellent customer service, so our buyers want to return. You can contact us via e-mail sales@silvercoins.ee 24 h 7 days a week, also you can reach us calling +372 6553663 from Monday to Friday 9 AM – 6 PM (GMT).

We are discreet and we don't disclose your information to anyone.

We value your time and we tried to do process of buying the simplest possible way: you can place orders online or by phone. Easy order, fast delivery.

Our partner company Capital Logistics are using insured tracked delivery, so after you order online you can always check what is going on with your order and where your package is currently located.


Our mission is to offer our customers opportunity to buy physical silver coins with the lowest margins in EU.


We appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing us.


Your trusted partner

Best Bullion OÜ/ silvercoins.ee team