Silver prices crashed Friday, following the better-than-expected U.S. jobs report. Prices fell to their lowest level in over a year with silver/SLV trading down by as much as 4% intraday, closing lower by more than 2.5%, bringing the total decline to 13.4% since the highs reached in early May.

Gold has been on a similar decline, falling in each of the last eight days. The commodity is down 2.51% over the last week and is currently trading around $1210.30.

Silver’s discount to gold has widened by the most in over a year. The gold/silver ratio used by investors to buy and sell precious metals closed at 78.63 on Friday. That represents a gain of 7.2% over the past 30 days.

Usually when there is blood in the streets, things always look scary and feel like the world you are trading in is falling apart. Nevertheless, those who buy at such times make money.